KISEKI is a japanese word with a few meanings, depends on how you write it in Japanese letters.

KISEKI (奇跡) - Miracle

KISEKI (貴石) - Precious Stones


 Our designer Ai was born and raised in Japan, studied Jewelry design at Bunka Gakuen University in Shibuya, Tokyo. She received award for Tasaki Pearl jewelry design contest while she was a student. 
 With a passion for gemstones, she continued her education at GIA, became Accredited Jewelry Professional, and Graduate Gemologist in California USA. She also finished GIA courses for basic and advanced jewelry repair and stone setting. She worked for many years in the Jewelry industry in Los Angeles California and became highly skilled in computer aided jewelry design(CAD). 
 Our team works closely with people in downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District including, 3d wax printer, caster, jeweler, stone dealer, stone setter to provide our customer the best quality possible.
We are greateful to be in this business with great people and diamonds that bring people happiness.